Release Date: 24th June 2019

The team at Easy Agile is happy to announce the release of Easy Agile Programs 2.0.7



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More Flexibility Number of Sprints/Sprint Length 

Up until this point, Easy Agile Programs has been quite prescriptive with the configuration options available for setting the length of a Program Increment. When it came to creating the "time-box" of a Program Increment our configuration options were limited to either 10 or 12 weeks, and were made up of either 5, 6, 10 or 12 sprints. 

We initially chose to align the number of sprints and the sprint length options very closely to how the Scaled Agile Framework® prescribed. As we've continued to learn what a typical Increment looks like for our customers, we're introducing ways to make Program Increment length more flexible so that our app fits the way our customers currently plan at scale, and not the other way around! 

In Easy Agile Programs 2.0.7 we support sprints of 1-4 weeks duration, and 4-12 sprints in the increment, giving you more control of your program increment length:

Other updates in this version include:

  • Improved page load performance

Special Thanks!

We wanted to say a big thank you to Marc, Jan, Andrea, Bob, Esko, Saku, Ekaterina, Christian, Brian and Stefan for their feedback and patience while we worked on this new release! 

Thank you for all of your support and encouragement as we work to continuously improve Easy Agile Programs! We can't succeed without your insight into your use cases and recommendations for improvement. Reach out directly via the (question) button at the top of any page in Easy Agile Programs.