Release Date: 30th September 2019

The team at Easy Agile is happy to announce the release of Easy Agile Programs 2.1.0



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Exposing Program and Program Increment via JQL + Custom Fields

Up until this point, the concept of a Program or Program Increment has lived within the confines of Easy Agile Programs. Our users have had no way to communicate back to Jira, or other popular Marketplace apps such as Structure and eazyBI, if an issue was part of a Program or not. 

You've told us that being able to access this information on both the issue view, and via JQL, is crucial for reporting on the progress and success of your Programs.

We're happy to say that in this release, we're creating and exposing both a Program and Program Increment custom field which will be visible on issues and searchable via JQL. 

Moving issues in/out of Sprints that are part of a Program Increment, will automatically update these new fields to reflect the name of their Program and Program Increment. This can be done on both the Jira backlog, or within Easy Agile Programs. 

Note: these custom fields will need to be added to the appropriate screens before they'll be visible on the issue view. View our doc for help on how to add these custom fields to your screens. 

Using JQL to search for issues

"Program Increment"= "Program Increment Name" to pull a list of all the issues that have been scheduled in that Program Increment  

"Program" = "Program Name" to pull a list of all the issues that have been scheduled in that Program 

You can also use the custom fields together for more targeted JQL searching, or where there may be multiple Program Increments with the same name i.e Q1 FY20. 

"Program"= "Program Name" AND "Program Increment"= "Program Increment Name"

Current Limitations

  • The Program and Program Increment custom fields are limited to issues that have been scheduled on Scrum Boards (no working solution currently available for Kanban boards)
  • The custom fields will not be applied to the issues that have been scheduled on the Roadmap

Quickly Access Issue Information without leaving Easy Agile Programs 

"I just noticed this morning that in the Story Map, if you click on an issue's Jira code, it now opens a pop-up window containing some of the Issue details, instead of linking away to the Issue page. This is going to be yet another game changer! Nice work!" - Brenton Cheng, Internet Archive 

We were so thrilled with this feedback from one of our Easy Agile User Story Maps customers, that we decided to roll out our new Detailed Issue View across all of our products, including Easy Agile Programs! 

The new Detailed Issue View allows users to access the following issue information without leaving Easy Agile Programs:

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Components
  • Assignee
  • Versions 
  • Status
  • Any custom fields that have number or text values

This new Detailed Issue View can be accessed by clicking on the issue key of any issue, on all pages of Easy Agile Programs (Program Roadmap, Increment Overview and Team Planning Boards). Note: the text and numeric fields must be on the edit screen for the issue type/project to appear in the new Detailed Issue View. 

Other updates in this version include:

  • We fixed a bug where users were unable to scroll to view the issues scheduled in their Team Boards when the Increment Roadmap was taller than the screen
  • We fixed a bug where opening a Program Increment in Firefox 52 crashed when no Increments had been created 

Special Thanks!

We wanted to say a big thank you to Phil, Jan, Marten, Esko, Rutger, Johanna, Marc and Patrick for their feedback and patience while we worked on this new release! 

Thank you for all your support and encouragement as we continuously work to improve Easy Agile Programs! We can't succeed without your insight into your use cases and recommendations for improvement. Reach out directly via the (question) button at the top of any page in Easy Agile Programs for help or to provide feedback.