Easy Agile Programs allows for capacity management on the Team Planning Board for Scrum boards.

The teams capacity can be manually entered for each sprint, allowing for capacity changes due to holidays and other commitments.

Estimates can be added directly to each issue from the Team Planning Board. Simply click on the grey field in the bottom left hand corned to add the team’s estimate. The story points are added up and shown at the top of the sprint so you can easily see if you are over or under committed.


Why can’t I see/set sprint capacity on my Team Planning Board?

In order to see sprint capacity on the Team Planning Board, the Board setup needs to:

  • be a Scrum board (not Kanban or a team-managed project)

  • include Estimates in Story Points (not time estimates)

Do you estimate sprints in other units? Do you use estimates on Kanban boards? Let us know here.