How to contact Easy Agile support

To raise a support request click here.

Please share screenshots, troubleshooting information and anything else that you think might help us to solve your issue quickly.

Atlassian Community

Ask a question on Atlassian Community, a forum for all Atlassian product related questions. The Easy Agile Support Team (and our power users) monitor Atlassian Community and respond promptly to usage queries.
Requests made via Atlassian Community will be responded to on a best-effort basis.

Gathering Troubleshooting Information

Additional Support Information is available via the 'Help' button located in the navigation at the top right of the navigation.

Click on the  in the top right to see the support information. You can then copy and paste those details into your support request.

Additional help - Javascript Console

Here’s how to get a copy of your Javascript console if requested.


Right click and navigate to ‘Inspect’

Select the Console tab.

Right-click on the console and select 'Save as...'. Save the file and then attach it to the support request.

Collecting Server Log Files

Sometimes we’ll need to analyse log files from your Jira server to diagnose issues with Easy Agile Programs.

These steps will need to be performed by your Jira Administrator.

1.Navigate to Logging and profiling found under the system tab of the Jira Administration screen.

2. Scroll down to Default Loggers and click Configure logging level for another package

3. In the dialog enter the package name com.easyagile.programs and set the logging level to DEBUG

4. Navigating back to Easy Agile Programs, perform the actions that trigger your error. In the case of a custom field not being updated, navigate to one of your Team Planning Boards and move an issue in and out of the Increment - this can be achieved by moving an issue from the backlog into one of the Team’s sprints and then moving it back into the Backlog panel. Then open the issue and verify that the field has not been set.

5. Your Jira Administrator will then need to locate your log file, which is typically called atlassian-jira.log and is located in your Jira server home directory (please note: if the Jira home directory is not configured, then the logs will be placed into the current working directory instead).

6. We’re interested in the log entries related to Easy Agile Programs which will be logged under the com.easyagile.programs namespace. Please remove any unrelated or sensitive information from the log before sending it back to us.