The Program Board provides a holistic, fullscreen view of your Program Increment.

From this screen you can:

This view is an overview of the Program and is not designed for the scheduling of work or creation of dependencies. Team's schedule their work and create dependencies in the Team Planning Board

Managing Scheduling Conflicts

From version 4.3.0, Easy Agile Programs offers a highly visual way to identify when work doesn’t align with the timings shown in the roadmap.

A warning sign will appear on the Program Board to indicate when team level issues have been scheduled after a feature’s deadline.

Easily correct the timings to reschedule issues directly from the Program Board by either extending the feature across more sprints, or rescheduling team level issues using drag and drop.

Filtering the Program Board

There are two ways you can focus your view on the Program Board:

View Settings

To refine your view, click ‘View Settings’ in the navigation.

From this menu item, you can hide and show:

  • Dependency lines

    • Healthy, At Risk and Blocker dependency lines can be toggled on/off, particularly helpful if you have a high number of healthy dependency that make it harder to see the higher risk items


To filter your Program Board, click ‘Filters’ in the navigation. Using this menu item will allow you to filter down your Program Board to show only the issues that match the filter.

You can filter by:

  • Dependencies - Blocker (red), At Risk (orange), Healthy (green)

  • Status - To Do, In Progress, Done

  • Teams

To clear the filters use the cross on the filter field or the ‘Clear Filters’ link in the top right hand corner of the screen.

If you’d like us to add other filter options, please reach out to us via

(info) This screen is called ‘Increment Overview’ in versions prior to 4.0.0