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Easy Agile Programs 2.3.0 - Feature Level Dependencies and Program Milestones

Release Date: 24th March 2020

The team at Easy Agile is happy to announce the release of Easy Agile Programs 2.3.0



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Visualising Dependencies at the Feature Level

Many teams using Easy Agile Programs have told us that visualising their Feature level dependencies is crucial to understanding and communicating the health/status of their Program Increments.

In this release we’re bringing you one step closer to a digital Program Board by visualising your Feature level dependencies! Dependency lines will be drawn between linked features that exist within the same PI on the Program Roadmap.

Only Features linked using the same link type set for dependencies at the Story level will be visualised with strings. For new Programs, the default is blocks/is blocked by and this can be changed under Edit Program > Advanced Configuration.

For more information on what the dependency colours mean, visit this doc.

External Dependencies

In this release, we’re also bringing you a way to understand external dependencies between Features.

External dependencies in Easy Agile Programs are any dependencies that exist between Features scheduled in different Program Increments or Programs entirely.

A Dependency icon will appear on Features that have external dependencies. Clicking on the icon pops a modal which shows the dependent Feature, dependency type, Program and Program Increment the dependency has been scheduled in.


“Milestones mark specific points on the development timeline, and they can be invaluable in measuring and monitoring the product evolution and risk” - SAFe.

This release includes the ability to create milestones on the Program Roadmap.

Our customers now have the ability to visualise their demo dates, release dates, external events, third-party deliverables and launch dates alongside the Features planned for their Program Increments.

Other updates in this release include:

  • The ability to select Active Sprints when configuring Sprints for a Team’s Planning Board

  • We’ve visualised Sprint columns for each Increment on the Program Roadmap, to better reflect the release dates of planned Features and align more closely with the SAFe Program Board

  • We now support increments made up of 3 Sprints

  • A bug fix where the ‘Edit Program’ dialog would fail to load if Team Boards had been renamed or deleted in Jira

Special Thanks!

We wanted to say a big thank you to Johan, Robert, Jon, Rateb, Danilo, Philipp, Björn, Erik, Noa, Bruce, Rohit, Sebastien, Jeanne, Marc, Christian, Marcus, Beth, Tricia, Anithakumar, Amanda, Bob, Nirwan for their feedback and patience while we worked on this release!

Thank you for all your continued support and encouragement as we work to improve Easy Agile Programs! We can’t succeed without your insight and recommendations for improvement. Reach out directly via the (question) button at the top of any page in Easy Agile Programs for help or to provide feedback.

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