Easy Agile Roadmaps allows you to show the work for multiple teams on a single roadmap.

Creating a multi-project board

A Jira board displays a set of issues, based on the filter provided. Under board settings, you can change the board filter query to include other projects i.e project in ("Project A", "Project B", "Project C”).

Once you save this filter as a new board you will be able to access the Roadmap icon from the Project sidebar and all the issues from those projects will be available to schedule onto your Roadmap.

Company-managed (Classic) and Team-managed (Next-Gen) CLOUD ONLY

To create a roadmap that includes both company-managed and team-managed projects, you will need to follow a few more steps as a company-managed Epic is not the same as a team-managed Epic.

  • Create a board filter that includes both projects using board settings

  • Map the statuses under Board Settings > Columns

  • Select BOTH epics types from the Options dropdown in the Roadmap backlog draw