Scheduling an issue on the roadmap

To access the issues from your team board, select the blue button marked either "Issues" or "Epics" in the top right of the roadmap.

The issues will appear in order of their rank pulled from your agile board. 

Simply drag & drop the desired issue from the list and on to your roadmap.

(info) With the exception of sub-tasks any issue type can be scheduled onto your roadmap. This includes custom issue types like new hierarchy levels such as Capability or Initiative

Click on the 'Options' dropdown to select the issue types you would like to appear in your roadmap backlog.

Re-sizing issues

Issues can be resized on the roadmap to show their expected start date, duration and end date. This visibility into what work is being completed and when is useful for communicating the product vision to both the team and shareholders.  

To resize an issue, drag the left or right end of the issue to its desired date. The start and end date will appear above the issue when it is dragged for more accurate planning.  

Removing issues from your roadmap

To remove an issue from your roadmap, hover over the issue and click the cross that appears in the top right hand of the card.

Scheduling an issue multiple times on the roadmap

You can schedule an issue multiple times on the roadmap by following these steps:

  • hold down ‘option’ on your keyboard

  • click and drag the issue scheduled on the roadmap to a new position

A blue bell will appear on the issue cards for the duplicated issues.

If you click on this icon, you will see modal asking you to select a single start and end date in order to enable date syncing.

(info) You won’t be able to sync the dates for issues shown multiple times

Creating new issues

Create new issues directly from the roadmap by selecting the "+ Create Issue" or "+ Create Epic" button located at the top of the roadmap. These new issues will appear in your roadmap backlog, and can be scheduled onto the roadmap through simple drag and drop.

Moving an issue between swimlanes

Issues can easily be moved from one theme swimlane to another through simple drag and drop.