Easy Agile Roadmaps can synchronise issue schedules on the Roadmap with the Jira start and due date fields.

(info) In order to enable this integration, Easy Agile Roadmaps requires your Jira Administrator to:

  • Map your desired Start and Due date fields in the Easy Agile Roadmaps configuration page within ‘Manage Apps’

  • Add the mapped start and due date fields to be present on the ‘Edit Issue Screen’ and ‘Create Issue Screen’. 

Mapping your Date Fields to the Roadmap Schedules

To synchronise the issue schedules in Easy Agile Roadmaps with your Jira date fields, your Jira Administrator will need to map both the start and due date fields on the Easy Agile Roadmaps configuration page in ‘Manage Apps'.

Jira Administration Menu > Manage Apps > Easy Agile Roadmaps > Configuration (located down the left hand side of the page).

Here, your Jira Administrator can easily navigate to the screen configuration pages for each date field, and ensure it is on the correct screens to be detected by Easy Agile Roadmaps. 

Note: When no date field called ‘Start Date’ exists, Easy Agile Roadmaps will create one and use this to map to the 'Start Date' field. This newly created Start Date will need to be added to the appropriate screens before it can used by Easy Agile Roadmaps. 

This custom field can be deleted or renamed at anytime via ‘Fields’ under the Jira Administration menu. Easy Agile Roadmaps will not re-create this field should you choose to delete it.

Adding Date Fields to the ‘Edit Issue Screen’ and ‘Create Issue Screen’


Why has Date Syncing has stopped working, even though the date fields are correctly mapped?

For Kanban boards, this problem may occur when your board filter is drawing from a large number of projects (more than 11). The Jira request for issues fails as there are too many issues to visualise on the Kanban board.

To fix this problem, you’ll need to turn on the Kanban backlog.

Navigate to your ‘Kanban board’ and click on ‘Tell me more’ in the message blurb followed by ‘Yes, use this column’.