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Epic Progress/Statistics


Track the progress towards completion with the epic statistics. Hovering over the blue progress line at the top of an epic will give you a roll-up of epic statistics, showing you a summary of the:

  • number of issues within the epic

  • number of issues that have been completed

  • number of issues that remain un-estimated

  • roll up estimate for all the issues within the epic

  • and the % of estimated work that has been completed 

Why can’t I see an Epic Progress bar on my Epics on Easy Agile Roadmaps for Cloud?

We'd love to be able to show Epic Progress on the Roadmap for our Cloud customers although we unfortunately have a limitation where the Jira Cloud API does not provide this information. 

We have an outstanding issue raised with Atlassian to expose this API so that we can bring you this functionality. If you had a minute to spare, we would appreciate your vote on this issue to help us bump this up Atlassian's backlog.

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