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Most of our FAQs can be found on the relevant pages of the Purchasing & Admin or How-To section. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please reach out to our Customer Support Team and we'll be happy to help.

Why can’t I edit the roadmap?

Easy Agile Roadmaps requires the user to have Board Administrator permissions to make changes. We made this decision so a Product Manager can ensure that only they update the roadmap if they wish. If you wish to make more people board administrators simply add an individual user or a group as a board administrator.

Why aren’t the epic names updating on the roadmap?

In addition to the Summary field, Jira Software also requires you to fill out an Epic Name field upon Epic creation. We show the Epic Name on the card for consistency with the backlog and Easy Agile User Story Maps.

Ideally, Atlassian would remove Epic Name, use only the Summary field, and use an ellipsis on the backlog when the Summary is longer. You can watch, vote for and comment the issue on Atlassian's backlog; however, we don't consider it likely that this will be changed in the short term.

Why can’t I see my Epics?

Potential problem: Board Query excludes Epic Issue Type

The filter from your Agile Board is used to find the epics to display. Sometimes this filter has been configured to exclude the Epic issue type and therefore the product can't access them.

For example, you may have a JQL filter query which inadvertently excludes the Epic Issue Type like the following.

project = EXAMPLE and issueType in (Story, Task, Bug) ORDER BY Rank desc


To fix this issue, adjust the board query to include the Epic Issue Type, using the example above:

project = EXAMPLE and issueType in (Epic, Story, Task, Bug) ORDER BY Rank desc

Or simply remove the check on issueType entirely.

project = EXAMPLE ORDER BY Rank desc

You can read more on how to configure your Board's filter query here

Why is Cyrillic language is broken in PDF exports?

Our apologies for this issue. The PDF export feature does not currently support all languages. It's an unfortunate limitation of the technology we're using to generate the PDF. 

If this is important functionality for you and your team, we’d love to hear from you here

Why isn’t the selected Agile Board id referenced from project-sidebar app URL when shared?

This behaviour is a known Jira Cloud bug.

The bug occurs when you have multiple Agile Boards under a project. We store the data for Easy Agile Roadmaps against the Agile Board so you can have a Roadmap for each Agile Board. The bug in Jira Cloud is that the URL to load the Roadmap does not change when you change Agile Boards. Instead, Jira will load the Roadmap for the Board you were looking at most recently. 

We have reported this bug to Atlassian and you can vote on / follow the bug on Atlassian's backlog here.

Data failed to store on your roadmap

Easy Agile Roadmaps stores a roadmap's data with the associated agile board. This requires Board Administrator permissions. When the roadmap is opened for the first time and the user doing so is not a Board Administrator, this error occurs because the roadmap cannot be initialised without this permission.

Note: In Jira, Project Administrator is a separate permission from Board Administrator.

To fix this, request to be added as a Board Administrator. A list of the current administrators for a board, who you may want to contact, can be found in the board settings, pictured below. 

Can I define the fields shown in the Issue Preview Editor when I click on an issue-key in Easy Agile Roadmaps?

The issue view currently shows the following fields:

  • Summary

  • Description

  • Components

  • Assignee

  • Versions

  • Status

  • Sprint

The following field types are also supported, provided they are on the ‘Edit Issue’ screen being used by your Project:

  • Single & multi-line text fields

  • Single & multi-select list fields

  • Numeric fields

In order to view these new field types in the Easy Agile Issue View, your Jira Administrator will need to add any relevant fields to the screen being used by your Project.

Here is a link to an Atlassian doc which walks you through how to add a field to a screen.

We’d love to hear what other field types you would like supported in the issue view here.

Common Known Issues

Known Issues on Jira Server

Many common issues that affect Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira Server are caused by the limitations of Atlassian's Server API. We welcome your votes and comments on issues that cause you pain to encourage Atlassian to give us the tools we need to deliver a better product to you.

For a list of the issues caused by this, see Atlassian Server API Limitations.

Known Issues on Jira Cloud

Several issues related to Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira Cloud are due to the limitations of Atlassian's Cloud API. We are waiting on Atlassian to enable us to fix these issues and would welcome your votes and comments on issues that cause you pain.

For a list of the issues caused by this, see Atlassian Cloud API Limitations.

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