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5.0 - Introduction to Issues without Epics

Release Date: 3 May 2018

We're hearing from more and more customers that they love the story map for their weekly sprint planning and backlog grooming sessions. Knowing that this is an important part of our customer's experience with the product, we started asking how we could make this more effective for teams.

For an effective backlog grooming session it is incredibly important to show issues that are and are not associated with an epic. Teams can then plan their sprints and versions in the story map even when work (like technical debt) isn't linked to an epic.

We're ecstatic to say that we have been able to address all of the limitations of the 'Add Existing Issues' feature from Version 4. The 'Backlog' panel allows you to:

  • Search for issues via text summary or issue key

  • Group issues without epics into sprints or versions for better sequencing

  • Multi-select issues then drag and drop them onto the story map

  • Apply quick filters specifically to those issues without epics for focused search results

Small Improvements:

  • Minimum supported Jira version is now 7.2 or greater

  • A notification is shown when issues are hidden by filters on move or create

  • A notification is shown when issues are hidden by quick filters or status categories

  • Estimation statistics now sum all issues in the sprint/version

  • Ability to quick create in a specific project on multi project agile boards

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