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6.0 - Sprint/Version Planning made easier!

Release Date: 28th May 2019

Start/Complete your Sprints from the Story Map

One of the most common ways our customers use the Story Map is for their weekly sprint planning and retrospectives - so do we (nothing tastes better than your own dog food). 

In this release, we're introducing the ability to both start and complete a sprint without leaving the Story Map - no more jumping between the Backlog to start a sprint and the 'Active Sprints' page to complete a Sprint; you can take care of all your Sprint admin straight from the place you're planning your work. 

Show Completed Sprints/Released Versions on the Story Map

This has been our most requested feature for the User Story Map to date! We're thrilled to say that we now support viewing completed sprints and released versions on the Story Map.

Our customers have told us that they want to use the Story Map to provide a holistic view of their work over time. The ability to view completed sprints and released versions allows for a more holistic visualisation which will help our customers with things such as:

  • Providing visibility to an entire Project

  • Reporting

  • Strategic long-term planning which requires a firm grasp on previous efforts

  • To avoid confusion during deployment when writing release notes 

  • Regulatory compliance 

  • Quality assurance 

  • Identifying 'carry over' from Sprint to Sprint/Version to Version 

New "Issue Preview Editor"

"I just noticed this morning that in the Story Map, if you click on an issue’s Jira code, it now opens a pop-up window containing some of the Issue details, instead of linking away to the Issue page. This is going to be yet another game changer! Nice work!" - Brenton Cheng, Internet Archive

The new "Issue Preview Editor" makes Story Mapping & Backlog Grooming sessions quick and fluid, allowing users to access issue information without leaving the Story Map. 

The new preview editor allows you to update an issue's description, add or create new components, assign versions or assignee and more. 

Small Improvements

  • Estimation visible/editable for issues in the 'Issues without Epics' Panel

  • Enabled touch screen compatibility 

  • Fixed a bug where moving an issue with associated released versions, to an unreleased version swimlane on the Story Map, would override any of the released versions from that issue

  • Fixed a bug where issues in released versions and completed sprints were not appearing in the Issues without Epics panel, although they had unreleased versions or future sprints

Special Thanks!

We wanted to say a big thank you to Dmitriy, Sebastien, Balki, Andrew, Kevin, Salesse, Martin, Daniel, Doug, Jan-Ove, Prathima, Jennifer, Jeff, Meera, Takuya, Björn, Jussi, Bharat, Norm, David, Ian, Tony, Bruce, Michael and Eric for their feedback and patience while we worked on this new release! 

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