How to contact Easy Agile support

For support with Easy Agile User Story Maps, you can raise a support request.

Please share screenshots, troubleshooting information and anything else that you think might help us to solve your issue quickly.

Atlassian Community

Ask a question on Atlassian Community, a forum for all Atlassian product related questions. The Easy Agile Support Team (and our power users) monitor Atlassian Community and respond promptly to usage queries.
Requests made via Atlassian Community will be responded to on a best-effort basis.

Gathering Troubleshooting Information

Additional Support Information is available via the 'Help' button located under the (...) menu in the top right corner of the Story Map.

In older versions the Support Information is available via the (question) button in the top right of the Story Map. In even older versions this button contains the text 'Help & feedback.'

You'll then see the following dialog:

Click on the highlighted (info) icon in the top right to see your support information. You can then copy and paste those details into your support request.

Additional help - Javascript Console

Here’s how to get a copy of your Javascript console if requested.


Open 'Developer Tools' from under 'More Tools':

Then select the Console tab:

Right-click on the console and select 'Save as...'. Save the file and then attach it to the support request.