Easy Agile User Story Maps Performance/Scalability

Easy Agile User Story Maps is a javascript application that uses the Jira Software REST APIs as its primary data source. 

Some of our happy enterprise customers include Bosch, JP Morgan, BMW, Oracle, IBM and Coca Cola. 

Easy Agile User Story Maps is fully supported by our Product and Engineering team and in active development. We are committed to growing and developing the capabilities of our team to ensure a scalable and effective product that demonstrates value today and into the future.

Is Easy Agile User Story Maps compatible with Team-Managed (Next-Gen) Projects?

Yes. Easy Agile User Story Maps is compatible with Team-Managed (Next-Gen) Projects.

You can get to your Team-Managed Story Map, by navigating to your Team-Managed project and clicking on the Story Map icon in the project sidebar.

Jira Compatibility Support

While we endeavour to maintain support for commonly used versions of Jira, we will no longer support old versions of Jira that are not supported by Atlassian.

With the release of Easy Agile User Story Maps v6.5.0, support for Jira 7.x was discontinued. Users of Jira 7.x may continue to use their current version of User Story Maps, but will not be able to upgrade until their version of Jira is updated. 

Easy Agile User Story Maps Browser Support

Browser compatibility for Easy Agile products aligns with Jira browser compatibility. Our apps are tested on Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

Internet Explorer

Atlassian announced that they would be retiring support for Internet Explorer in September 2019. Support for Internet Explorer on Cloud was discontinued in March 2020, and on Server/Data Centre from version 8.6 onward.

We will continue to support the existing feature set in Internet Explorer 11 until Jira 8.6 enterprise support ends in October 2021, but we encourage you to switch to a modern browser for the best experience.

Easy Agile User Story Maps Accessibility Conformance Report

International Edition (Based on VPAT® Version 2.4)
Name of Product/Version: 6.0.2
Report Date: 27/03/2020
Product Description: An Atlassian Jira app to facilitate User Story Mapping
Contact Information: support@easyagile.com
Evaluation Methods Used: Testing is based on general product knowledge, Similar to another evaluated product.

This report is downloadable as in PDF format here:

Easy Agile User Story Maps Accessibility Conformance Report.pdf