The Increment Roadmap is where you can schedule features into your Program Increment.

From this screen you can:

  • Access features (Jira epics) in your backlog

  • Drag & drop issues into the Increment from the backlog

  • Resize issues to span the number of sprints where the work will happen by holding the edge of the issue with your cursor and dragging it across the required sprints

  • Schedule issues into the:

    • ‘Shared Team Features' - when the issue will be worked on by more than one team. These issues will be shown on every team’s Team Planning Board

    • Team swimlanes

  • Create a new feature

  • Filter the board and backlog using Quick Filters (Available for Programs using a dedicated roadmap board)

(info) From version 3.4.0, the ‘Program’ and ‘Program Increment’ custom fields will be added to any issue that is scheduled on to the Increment Roadmap.


How are the features ordered on the Roadmap Backlog?

Features (Jira Epics) are ordered by RANK in the Roadmap Backlog.

How can I add Quick Filters to this screen?

Quick Filters are available on the Increment Roadmap when your Program is configured to use a dedicated roadmap board.

These Quick Filters are pulled from your dedicated roadmap board and will need to be created and edited on your Jira Board. For more information on Quick Filters, click here for Server/Data Center and here for Cloud.

Can I schedule an issue in multiple increments?

Yes. You can schedule issues into multiple increments. Issues are shown in the Roadmap Backlog and will be available for scheduling into an Increment as long as the issue hasn’t been set to “Done”.

When an issue is scheduled in multiple increments you will see all increments listed in the Program Increment custom field on the Jira ticket.

Can I schedule an issue into multiple teams?

Yes. Drag and drop the issue into the 'Shared Team Features' swimlane when the issue will be worked on by more than one team. Issues added to this swimlane will show up on the team planning board for every team in your Program.

Not all of the issues are being displayed in my Feature Backlog, why?

The feature backlog displays issues based on your Program configuration.

Option 1 will display Jira epics from each team added to the Program

Option 2 will display Jira epics from the dedicated agile board

Option 3 will display all issue types from the dedicated agile board

If there’s issues missing, you may be required to perform a Jira re-index or check that the issues aren’t set to ‘done’ status.