Milestones can be added to your Program to clearly represent important dates to business stakeholders or the team, such as demos, release and launch dates, external events, or third-party deliverables.

Creating a Milestone

Milestones can be created from the Program Roadmap and Program Board.

Program Roadmap

  • Click ‘+ Milestone’

  • Name your milestone

  • Add a start date. If the event goes for a period of time you can also add an end date to see the milestone displayed as a block of time.

  • Select a colour

  • Save

Program Roadmap

Program Board

Editing a Milestone

Click on the milestone name to edit the details. This can be done on the Program Roadmap or Program Board.

Deleting a Milestone

To delete a milestone, click the milestone title to open the modal. Click ‘delete’ then confirm to remove the milestone. Deleting a milestone will remove it from all views.