Easy Agile Programs has three key layers to orientate yourself with, each representing a different level of focus and detail.

The Program Roadmap provides the high level view of your Program. It is a timeline overview of all scheduled increments for a Program and it’s from this view that you can create milestones, or view dependencies at a feature level.

The Program Board is where you can see a more detailed view of the work planned for each team. From the Program Board, you can view milestones and see dependencies at the feature and user story level. Teams can use this view in their weekly syncs to gain alignment and identify any risks.

To plan work at a team level, we have the Team Planning Board. This is where teams spend most of their time during breakout sessions; scheduling stories from their backlog, writing new stories, estimating their work and creating dependencies.

For a full overview of our app, please watch our on-demand demo video.