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Confidence Voting

Available on all Jira Cloud sites and when using Easy Agile Programs version 6.0.0 and later on Jira Data Center or Server.

What is the confidence vote all about?

Here’s a summary of confidence voting from

Once ART PI Risks have been addressed, teams vote on their confidence in meeting their team PI objectives.

Each team conducts a vote using their fingers (fist of five) or a digital tool for remote events.

If the average is three fingers or above, then management should accept the commitment. If it’s less than three, the team reworks its plan.

Anyone voting two fingers or fewer should be allowed to voice their concerns. These concerns might add to the risk list, require replanning, or provide information. Once each team has voted, it’s repeated for the entire ART, with everyone expressing their confidence in the collective plan.

How to perform the confidence vote in Easy Agile Programs?

Confidence voting can be performed on the team planning board and program board.

Each person in the team can easily register their vote by selecting one of the icons from the dialog.

If you wish to change your vote, simply click on a different score. To remove your vote, click on your original vote to cancel the selection.

Currently all voting is anonymous.

To make it easier to engage your team, we’ve added a sharable link. Click “Share with team” then paste the link in your preferred team communications channel. When a team member uses this link, it will automatically open the confidence vote dialog on your team planning board or program board.

(lightbulb) Do you have any feedback on this feature? Reach out to our product team to let us know what you think!

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