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How to contact Easy Agile support

To raise a support request click here.

To allow for quicker and more accurate responses please include as much information as possible on the initial request, including:

  1. Add-on version

  2. Jira version

  3. Your web browser

  4. Steps to recreate the issue, including examples and screenshots

Details on our response times can be found on Service Level Agreement.

Our business hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm Australian Eastern Standard/Daylight Time. We are closed on major holidays in New South Wales, Australia. To see our business hours in your timezone check

Atlassian Community

Ask a question on Atlassian Community, a forum for all Atlassian product related questions. The Easy Agile Support Team (and our power users) monitor Atlassian Community and respond promptly to usage queries.
Requests made via Atlassian Community will be responded to on a best-effort basis.