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Managing a Retrospective Item

Move Retrospective Items

You can move a retrospective item from one column to another on the retrospective board. This can be done via the Quick Actions menu or by Drag-and-Drop.

Quick Actions Menu

You can open the Quick Actions menu in 2 ways: right-click or by hovering over the item and clicking on the  menu.

  • Open Quick Actions menu

  • Click on Send to

  • Select the required column


Item cards can be dragged and dropped across retrospective columns.


Delete Retrospective Items

You can delete a retrospective item if it is not required any further in the retrospective board.

Categorise Retrospective Items

You can add categories to retrospective items to identify similar themed items. This can be used to identify and analyse continuous improvement areas and creating action plans to address them. You can add a category via the quick actions menu.

  • Open Quick Actions menu

  • Click on Add Category

  • Select the desired categories

 Categories will be displayed on the retro item. You can add more categories or remove categories by clicking on the category on the retrospective item.

Add new category

To add a new category, simply type the name of the category in the Category drop-down and press enter. New category will be displayed on the retrospective item and also will be added to the list of categories in the drop-down.

To only view retro items related to particular categories, you can use Filter by option in the Settings to filter the retro board view.

  • Click on Focus button

  • Navigate to Filter By option

  • Select the required Categories

Delete category

To delete an existing category:

  • Click on the Category drop-down

  • Click on the delete icon

  • Click on Delete to progress with deletion

Note: this will remove the category from all the retrospective items it has been applied on in all the retrospectives.

Comment on Retrospective Items

Comments can be added on each retrospective items to discuss, clarify or add more details. You can add comments via clicking on the Comment icon.

  • Click on the Comment icon

  • Enter comment

  • Click on Submit to save the comment

You can expand/collapse comments depending upon the desired view. Comments can also be deleted via clicking on the … icon.

Vote on Retrospective Items

You can vote on any retrospective items on a board. Voting can be performed once on any retrospective items. You can downvote or upvote retrospective items.

React with Emojis on Retrospective Items

You can react with emojis on any retrospective items on a board. Multiple emoji reactions can be applied on any retrospective items. If you desire to remove the reaction simply click on the emoji.

Sort Retrospective Board

You can view the retrospective board ordered by created date, by number of reactions, or creator using the Sort By option. This is useful while discussing retrospective items with the team.

  • Click on Focus button

  • Select the preferred option (Created, Reactions or Creator)


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