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Learn how to power your planning and backlog management using Easy Agile TeamRhythm.

Easy Agile TeamRhythm powers collaborative planning, facilitating product backlog management, sprint and version planning, and retrospectives for remote and co-located teams. By capturing the customer journey and the tasks they complete along the way, development will be focused on delivering value at every stage. 

  • Product Managers can build the backbone, laying out the customer journey as epics across the board.

  • Scrum Masters and Product Owners can schedule work into sprints (Scrum) or versions (Kanban), and track progress as work is completed.

  • Teams can groom and refine the backlog on the story map, see the relationship between epics and sprints, and focus on tasks that deliver value.

  • Teams can gain an understanding of how they work best together, so they’re always getting better at what they do and delivering value to their users.

Review the demo below, and visit the detailed information below to learn how to get the most out of Easy Agile User Story Maps.

Easy Agile TeamRhythm Product Walkthrough:

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