The Team Planning Board represents a Scrum or Kanban board which is included in the Program. This is where the team will plan their work during the team breakouts sessions during PI Planning.

From this screen you can:

  • See the features scheduled into the team’s swimlane as well as any features in the Shared Team Swimlane

  • Schedule issues from your Jira backlog using drag & drop

  • Create new issues

    • Click on the relevant feature first so that the new issue is linked automatically to that feature

    • For multi-project boards, you'll be able to set the project when creating an issue

    • If you have any required fields, then the issue dialog modal will appear so they can be filled in

  • Add the sprint capacity and estimate tasks directly on the issue cards (note: estimations aren’t available for Kanban boards)

  • Create and view dependencies

  • Add another team to your board to understand what they have scheduled and create any dependencies

  • Filter the board and backlog using Quick Filters

  • Select or edit your sprints if using ‘Team Managed Sprints’ as your sprint source. Click here for more information on Sprint Source.

  • Add up to 3 additional fields to the cards. Refer to the FAQs below for more information.

(info) Easy Agile Programs Custom Fields - From version 2.1.0 for Scrum Boards and version 3.4.0 for Kanban boards, the ‘Program’ and ‘Program Increment’ custom fields will be added to any issue that is scheduled on the Team Planning Board. Click here to learn more about custom fields.


How do I create dependencies?

To learn more about how to create dependencies visit the ‘Dependencies’ page.

How are Kanban boards shown on the Team Planning Board given we don’t work in sprints?

When viewing the Team Planning Board for a Kanban team, you will see sprint columns just like Scrum boards. These “sprints” are for visualisation purposes only and do not represent real sprints on your Jira board.

We recommend planning Kanban team’s work into these columns if you have dependencies with other teams so that estimated timeframes can be visualised and potential risks can be discussed.

Estimations and capacity management is not available for Kanban boards.

Currently, Kanban team-managed boards are not compatible with Easy Agile Programs if you’re using shared/global sprints.

Are changes made on this screen reflected in Jira?

Yes, any changes made on this screen will be automatically reflected on your Jira backlog. This includes the creation of new issues, the sprint an issue in scheduled in, estimations and issue ranking.

How do I change the sprints linked to this Increment?

Click here to understand how to edit the sprints linked to your Increment.

Is it possible to add fields when creating a new issue in the Team Planning view?

If you have a very simple filter with a component or a label such as Project=EAP and Component=WEB we will automatically add the field to created tickets. This only works for simple filters and only for components and labels at this stage.

Separately, if you have a required field we pop the create issue dialog unless that field is component or label and we can pre-populated it as per the above.

How do I create new Quick Filters?

The Quick Filters are pulled from your team board. You’ll also see Quick Filters from the dedicated roadmap board for Programs configured in this way. Quick Filters need to be created and edited on your Jira Board. For more information on Quick Filters, click here for Server/Data Center and here for Cloud.

How can I hide shared team features that don’t apply to my team?

If your features live on a dedicated board, you can use Quick Filters from this board to filter out issues that don’t apply to your team.

Simply create a suitable Quick Filter in Board Settings and it will be available under ‘Roadmap’ within the Quick Filters drop down in the Team Planning Board navigation.

If team’s manage their own feature backlog then you won’t be able to filter out features from the Shared Team swimlane at this stage.

Can configure the card layout to reflect what I have in my Jira backlog?

Up to 3 additional fields can be added to the team level cards on the Team Planning Board.

To add a field, go to the ellipsis menu in the top navigation and select ‘Card Settings’. From this modal, you will be able to use the dropdown or search the list of compatible fields to select the field you require.

To remove a field, go to 'Card Settings' and click the cross next to the field name.

This functionality is available from v4.4.0.